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Drilling equipment

The company Kron-CIS Gmbh searches for manufacturers of a high-quality drilling equipment. At the moment we are engaged in searching and selection of the following types of products manufactured by the leading manufacturing companies of Europe and other countries:

A group of a ground equipment:

  • - All types of pumps, using for drilling, well operation and well repair;
  • - Equipment for up&down operations (topdrive equipment, swivel, elevators, spinning wrench, gripping appliances);
  • - blow out preventer equipment;
  • - drilling, pump-compressor and well tubes, as well as flexible plastic seamless pipe for well operations, and for transmission of liquids to the surface;
  • - drilling fluid treatmwnt system.

Downhole equipment:

  • - borehole filters;
  • - downhole drilling motor;
  • - drill through tools.

The company Kron-CIS Gmbh is working continuously to expand our network of partners and we invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!


About company

Kron-CIS Gmbh provides technical consultation, planning, selection and supply of industrial equipment by leading manufacturers on territory of Germany and other countries.

We only work with largest and best-known European manufacturers of industrial equipment. Due to direct dealer contacts we can minimize..

Our beliefs

- We believe that only quality equipment is able to provide long working lifespan with minimum maintenance cost.
- Our clients should be able to choose equipment which can satisfy the most demanding request.
- Our company is in continuous development, ensuring that our clients get the most up-to-date and quality equipment..

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Kron-CIS Gmbh
E-mail: kronstadt@gmx.net

Lubecker Str. 1 22087
Hamburg, Deutschland
Phone: 49 4030 398-834; Fax: 49 40 30398835

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