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Compressing equipment

Kron-CIS Gmbh cooperates with many manufacturers of industrial compressors and sales compressing equipment in Europe and other countries. We offer best prices for and guarantee fast delivery and professional, client-oriented service for mobile rotary screw and air compressors.

Today there are a lot of companies in compressing equipment manufacturing business, but one should trust in big manufacturers with decades of experience.

Rotary screw compressors are used as a part of stationary and mobile compressor units. In rotary screw compressors (mobile rotary screw compressors) air is compressed by screw rotor; capacity of equipment depends on frequency of rotor. This type of compressor is suitable for continuous operation without malfunctions. But reciprocating compressors are more suitable for alternate on-off, so they’re optimal for industries with periodical operation.

In Reciprocating compressors air is compressed by piston in operating cylinder. Simple construction of reciprocating compressor provides ability to operate under heavy use, also demonstrating higher values of air pressure, unlike rotary screw compressors.

Kron-CIS Gmbh is a reliable partner and seeks strategic cooperation with clients. As a supplier, long acquainted with compressor equipment market, we offer favorable prices for compressors and optimal supply terms and dates.


About company

Kron-CIS Gmbh provides technical consultation, planning, selection and supply of industrial equipment by leading manufacturers on territory of Germany and other countries.

We only work with largest and best-known European manufacturers of industrial equipment. Due to direct dealer contacts we can minimize..

Our beliefs

- We believe that only quality equipment is able to provide long working lifespan with minimum maintenance cost.
- Our clients should be able to choose equipment which can satisfy the most demanding request.
- Our company is in continuous development, ensuring that our clients get the most up-to-date and quality equipment..

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Kron-CIS Gmbh
E-mail: kronstadt@gmx.net

Lubecker Str. 1 22087
Hamburg, Deutschland
Phone: 49 4030 398-834; Fax: 49 40 30398835

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